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Innovative projects of Gandhinagar Institute of Technology

IDP/UDP Project (2015-16)
Top 3 projects

Project Name: Comparative Study Of Static And Dynamic Analysis Of RCC Building In Different Earthquake Zone
Group no: GIT/CL-2015-16/G-12
Guide Contact No: 9898282757
Prepared By:
Enrollment No: Name Contact No

120120106010 Mohit lakhani 9724780555
120120106004 Darshak Patel 7405168701
120120106002 Ashish Trivedi 8980007191
120120106006 Vipul Varsani 7698664700

The present study is concerned with the study of static and dynamic analysis of G+20 storey RCC building, in different earthquake zones and the comparison of various responses such as base shear, storey drift, displacements in different direction, centre of loading, centre of stiffness
Main focus of this study is to know the behavior of building while carrying analysis on structure separately with static and dynamic method. Also in static method manual calculation is possible, so with the help of E-XCEL sheet it is also presented in this work.

Project Name: Comparative Study On Non-Conventional Shaped High-rise Building Using Computer Aided Structural Designing

Group no: GIT/CL-2015-16/G-01

Guide Contact No: 9725018779
Prepared By:
Enrollment No: Name Contact No

120120106034 Shah Varshit S. 8511783287
120120106022 IrfanHyder Batti 9624093440
120120106032 MohammadAsif Khan 8905122324
120120106028 Shah Sahil S. 9687278866
130123106007 Kansara Bhavik 9033407699
130123106019 Khyati Sachania 9409607119
130123106017 Prajapati Vinod 9904470810

The present analytical study investigates the influence of some parameters on behaviour of a building with soft storey. The modelling of the whole building is carried out using the computer program ETABS V9. Parametric studies on displacement, inter storey drift and storey shear have been carried out using equivalent static analysis to investigate the influence of these parameter on the behaviour of buildings with soft storey.

Project Name: Construction Of Earthquake Resistive Building By Combining Method

Group no: GIT/CL-2015-16/G-08
Guide Contact No: 9173960498
Prepared By:
Enrollment No: Name Contact No

120120106028 Shah Sahil S. 9687278866
130123106007 Kansara Bhavik 9033407699
130123106019 Khyati Sachania 9409607119
130123106017 Prajapati Vinod 9904470810

In this study, design parameters of Spring Damper System (SDS) and their influence on seismic response of low-to- medium-rise building structures are investigated. Numerical analyses are performed on some example building models with different fundamental periods. Improvement of seismic response of the structures with respect to variations of SDS design parameters including: total slip-load ratio of spring damper devices (SDD), number of SDD installations and arrangement of dampers along height of buildings, is investigated. Results show that uniform distribution of slip-load ratio amongst SDDs, optimal normalized number of SDD installations, increases or remains invariant in the range of 0.5 to 1.0 when fundamental period of the structure increases.

Computer Engineering Department
Best Two Projects

Project Name: Medibook (Electronic health records)
Group no: GIT_CE_15_26
Guide Name: Prof. Archana Singh
Guide Contact No: 9978433988
Prepared By:
Enrollment No: Name Contact No
120120107057 SURBHI TEKWANI 9925572050
120120107058 MANISH RAGHANI 8000366622
120120107013 ATUL PANJWANI 9825626962

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history, that is maintained by the provider over time, and may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that persons care under a particular provider, including demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports. The EHR automates access to information and has the potential to streamline the clinician’s workflow. The EHR also has the ability to support other care-related activities directly or indirectly through various interfaces, including evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting.

Project Name: E-MERCHANCIA ( Online Advertising)
Group no: GIT_CE_15_18
Guide Name: Prof. Parin Patel
Guide Contact No: 7600030582
Prepared By:
Enrollment No: Name Contact No
120120107077 PANDYA NIKITA DILIPBHAI 8238465835
120120107098 JADAV CHANDNI ARVINDBHAI 9924398211

A system where customer can put their advertising on multiple sites using single site. It is single platform where customer can register and pay for advertising. By advertising they can get facility of advertising in different website via single site. As we know that advertising is the best way to reach our customers.

E-Merchancia Medibook

Mechanical Engineering Department

Project Abstract of Top 03 Final Year Projects 2016

Id No. Project Type Enrollment No. Full Name Title of IDP/UDP Guide
8866639130(M) Development and Fabrication
of Semi-automatic Rope Coiling Prof.Chandrakant V. Bhatia
120120119108 JERIN JOHNY

We live in a time period where everybody wants everything without actually doing anything. Automation is the key to our future. Automation as an individual field has a very big scope in almost everything. We have inculcated a small application of automation, off the many possibilities available, into our project. After making design of rope coiling machine earlier we found out that we can enhance the capability of current design. So we modified the existing design by eliminating all the problems. This new modified design coils rope in effective manner and with much better accuracy. The basic idea behind the machine is to decrease the human involvement necessary for rope coiling to a minimum. This will help not only in efficiency of time utilization but also increase profits. The other advantage is the eradication of human error. Our machine will help in uniform coiling of the finished rope, it will also increase the amount of coiling done as compared to manual coiling. This will lead to the motto “SUPPLY MEETS DEMAND”

Id No. Project Type Enrollment No. Full Name Title of IDP/UDP Guide
GTU ID – 51888 UDP
9974909995(M) Automatic Side Stand Retrieving
System With Anti theft Alarme sign Prof. Parth R. Panchal

In this evolving world with technology, automobile plays crucial role mainly in two-wheeler like scooters and motorcycles. Even though they are boon in technology there are some hazardous incidents like accidents because of carelessness of driver. So many accidents occur due to forgetting of lifting up the side stand. The events of two wheelers stealing by thieves are also a major problem. To rectify this problem many advanced measures had been consumed, but they are not so helpful. Thus going through this problem it should be implemented practically in all types of bikes. The system “SPROCKET SIDE-STAND RETRIEVING SYSTEM WITH ANTITHEFT ALARM” is designed. Since all two wheelers transmit power through engine to back wheel with the help of chain drive and sprocket pinions that’s why the designed of this system is kept upon the chain drive, the whole setup has mechanical movements and by contraption of mechanical parts the side stand get retrieves automatically. The same system facilitates the motorcycle with the antitheft alarm. The sprocket rotation can be stopped by means of pin button and with the help of sensors alarm can be operated. Thus the owner is informed by the alarm. So this system provides safety with security features.

Id No. Project Type Enrollment No. Full Name Title of IDP/UDP Guide
GTU ID -50060 IDP
PATEL UPAL MAHENDRAKUMAR 8866083923(M) Development of Force Dynamo Meter
For Lathe Machine Prof. Amit R. Patel
120120119027 SARAF SHUBHAM ANILKUMAR 8866411461(M)

In this study, a lathe tool dynamometer that can measure cutting force, feed force and also thrust/Axial force by using strain gauge accelerometer has been Studied and used. The dynamometer used in this project is a 10kg force 1- component system. The dynamometer is connected to a data acquisition system. As the tool comes in contact with the work piece the various forces developed are captured and transformed into numerical form system. In this project various forces for Aluminum materials have been noted down and the materials used in this project is aluminum. The forces on these materials with variation in depth of cut are studied. Graphs are drawn on how these forces vary due to variation in depth of cut.

1st Rank_1_Semi-Automatic Rope Coiling 2nd Rank_1_Automatic Side Stand Retrieving System 3rd Rank_Force Dynamo Meter

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Project Abstract of Top 3 final Year Project

Id No. Project Type Enrollment No. Full Name Title of IDP/UDP
GIT-EC-2015-G12 UDP 120120111016 MAKWANA SUJAL A. Automatic Courier Separation System
130123111021 PATEL NIRAV S.

Bigger advantage of the courier less labor intensive. When we take a look at the courier services now. We can see that this is rapidly changing. Courier companies are looking for new way to important technology to separate. The courier and reduce the cost one way of the Courier Companies are beginning to explorer new technologies in couriers come from. This project related to the courier service. In this postal service, courier packages and letters are separated manually. We propose an automated courier separation system. Herein we would use barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the package and based on the information obtained from it, package would be then sent on its appropriate conveyer belt line.
Id No. Project Type Enrollment No. Full Name Title of IDP/UDP
GIT-EC-2015-G10 UDP 120120111011 HEEMA SHAH Automatic Plastic Bottle Collector

This project is designed to collect the empty plastic bottles. The main objective of this project is to store the waste plastic bottles which can be further sent up for the recycling process; as we all know that not all the waste plastic bottles are sent to be recycled. A controlling unit i.e. Raspberry pi which is an advanced microprocessor. It can be said that Raspberry pi is a computer itself. This raspberry pi will control the device. By the adaption of this system we can at least reduce the wastage of plastic and the same plastic can be used again after the process of recycling. This system will motivate people to reduce and reuse the plastic for which they will be rewarded. This project is our little but humble step towards the protection of our “MOTHER NATURE”.

Id No. Project Type Enrollment No. Full Name Title of IDP/UDP
GIT-EC-2015-G20 UDP 130123111006 KACHHADIYA JALPA H. Face Detection for ATM Security System using IOT
130123111018 PATEL PAYAL N.
130123111040 VIRANI ANKIT S.

ATM is now days is very commonly used by all people, there are many advantage of ATM but it is a reason also of many crime. Many fraud also takes place in ATM.CCTV cameras are placed in ATM but still fraud takes place as people wear helmet or scarf on face hide their face. Thus our project is for security, which don’t allow, people to enter ATM without detecting face. Image processing is done which first detect face then only allow person to enter inside. Using image processing technology it could be fix. For image processing us hereby use OPENCV software and Raspberry PI board. Cameras in use at automatic teller machines should take still images of users. A face detection schema should be added to verify the users at ATM and it will Email to that person which ATM card information is scan by a RFID reader and also it will send those image to the Bank. First the presence of faces or face in a scene must be detected. Once the face is detected after that the user will scan card to the RFID reader at that time this users face Picture is directly send to the Owner of card vie email and also it will send those image to the bank.

1st Rank_Automatic Courier Separation System 1st Rank1_Automatic Courier Separation System

Information Technology Department

IDP/UDP Project (2015-16)

Desk Dormer

Now-a-days the use of computer and its awareness is more than at any other time. It has dominated almost all the fields. There is hardly an industry, which does not use computers. It is not anymore thought of as a mere calculating machine. Computers are used in banks, factories, in Government offices, education institutions, for research and development and even supermarkets. With the increase in use of computers from educational institutes to large scale industries and offices, a necessity arose for monitoring the work. Educational institutes and offices having number of computers and multiple employees/students working at the same time makes it difficult for one person to go to each computer and monitor every one’s work. Moreover we might need to access different users pc in case of any issue for resolving that issue, and perform remote functionality like remote turn on, turn off, file sharing etc. It is very essential that every service used by the users is recorded as log for security purpose and for future assessment. Thus Desk Dormer project is created that allows us to view multiple computer screens and monitor those screens.

DownTown Atelier

Electronic Commerce is process of doing business through computer networks. A person sitting on his chair in front of a computer can access all the facilities of the Internet to buy or sell the products. Our main purpose for doing such project was to explore the field of E-Commerce via hosting a traditional commerce shop online. As the E-Commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon are tremendously growing their business and making huge amount of profit. We came up with a different idea to improve the business of local shops through hosting these shops online so that they can also make a decent profit in their business. The main advantage in our project is for the customers in which they can browse the shop, view product and order merchandise sitting at home on their personal computers. Speaking of obstacles, there are lot of them that need to be uprooted before the development of this website. The consumers were facing problems to get the information of the shops in the area in which they shifted from another city or any unknown city they had encountered. We investigated the problem by collecting the accurate data of consumers which faces problems in shopping. So we obtained a result of keeping the local shops online and also providing a sense of ease for the consumers which generally have issues. Hosting a local shop online gives consumers a trust for shopping online as they may have visited the shop in past years.
DownTown Atelier is a name of our online portal which will provide a workspace in which the local physical entities can set up their business online. It is meant for dealing between retailers and customers. Using this application the user can easily buy the products from the desired shops integrated with this application. In this application the user can also manage purchase by getting the location of the nearby shops. By purchasing the products the user can get special vouchers which they can redeem virtually as well as physically.
                                                Online workspace

The whole information technology industry works from remote place where the majority of revenue is generated from various projects are not in same location for the clients and vendors. So in many project there is lack of communication between developers of project in production server creates major issues and due to long distance communication of company having a multiple location having developer that are located globally and working on same project Project management need to be improve up to some extends So as a IT technocrat we are developing  SAAS(software as a service) which can help to develop cloud software besides having file locking, authentication ,and security services.

1st Rank_Desk Dormer 2nd Rank_Down Town Atelier 3rd Rank_Online workspace

Innovative Projects of Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institute of Technology [SVBIT]


Branch: Electrical

Guided By: Prof. Kaushal Chaudhari

(M)+91 997833090

Prepared by:

Harsh Joshi     (120750109070)

Ravi Prajapati (120750109077)

Nehal Rajput   (120750109106)

Gandhi Vatsal  (120750109063)

Thakker Parth  (130753109025)

Design and developed the “POWER WHEELCHAIR WITH SPEED CONTROL CIRCUIT”. The intention behind this project is to help the handicap people to drive the wheel chair easily, also make it cost effective. Power wheelchair is operated automatically with the help of motor, controller and battery. The controller can control the speed of motors. The weight of the power wheelchair is comparatively less. 1
We know that handicap people, physically disable and mentally disorder people cannot walk themselves they have to use some support or wheelchair to walk or transport anywhere. Power wheel chair helps them to transport anywhere easily by themselves. So basically power wheel chair is very important for them and it reduces their work to operate wheelchair manually.

This project helps the middle class handicap people which cannot afford costly power wheelchair. This wheelchair has less costly equipment’s that make power wheelchair costly. Power wheelchair is so simple that it helps handicap people like other and it has less cost.


Branch: Electrical 

Guided By: Prof. Asit Mistry

(M)+91 9638063310

Prepared by:

Amitkumar Patel   (120750109007)

Maulik Patel          (120750109116)

Darshansinh Rana (120750109126)

Siddharth Nair       (120754109001)


The main objective of this project is to design and manufacture an electric motorcycle with more speed compared to the present electric bikes, increase the loading capacity and make it efficient. The intension behind this project is to show that by increasing the speed and the loading capacity, the range of electric bike in urban settings can be increased. This project develops a platform to demonstrate the range extension available by increasing the speed and load. 2


An electric vehicle (EV), also referred to as an electric drive vehicle, is a vehicle which uses one or more electric motors for propulsion. Depending on the type of vehicle, motion may be provided by wheels or propellers driven by rotary motors, or in the case of tracked vehicles, by linear motors. Electric vehicles can include electric cars, electric airplanes, electric boats, electric motorcycles and scooters etc.

Electic Bikes are plug-in electric vehicles with two or three wheels powered by electricity. The electricity is stored on board in a rechargeable battery, which drives one or more electric motors.


Branch: Mechanical

Guided By: Prof. Umang R. Patel (M)+91 9558621063

Prepared by:

Trivedi Ingit U.    (120750119013)

Patel Anshu B.     (120750119001)

Paneliya Sagar C. (120750119044)

Patel Krunal A.     (120750119066)

Heat exchangers being one of the most important heat transfer apparatus in industries like oil refining, chemical engineering, electric power generation, automotive and aviation industry etc. are designed with preciseness for optimum performance and long service life. Heat exchanger is a device which provides a flow of thermal energy between two or more fluids at different temperatures. 3


This project aims to increase the heat transfer rate by using heat enhancement technique.

After conducting the project, taking reading and comparing the graphs, we concluded that the heat transfer rate increases by using twisted tapes. And amongst all twisted tapes, variable aluminum twisted tape is more efficient because we get maximum heat transfer by using it when mass flow rate of hot water mho=60 lph. But as the mass flow rate of hot water decreases there is very little effect on heat transfer rate by using various twisted tape. And at mho=40 lph heat transfer rate almost remain same for each twisted tape. So, to increase the efficiency of heat exchanger, it should be run at maximum mass flow rate of hot water with aluminum twisted tape.


Branch: Mechanical

GuidedBy: Prof.Utsav D Gadhia (M)+91 9724563649

Prepared by:

Shah Harsh A.     (120750119035)

Patel Viral A.       (120750119040)

Patel kushang P.  (120750119049)

Amin Harsh J.      (120750119055)

Most of the industries uses the conventional method says hand tapping, drilling, boring. This conventional method is very time consuming process, less accurate and includes higher labor cost, and ultimately leads to less productivity. So there is a scope to develop the machine for various operations which would overcome all the problems faced by the conventional process. 4



This project is a sincere and combined effort from all the team members involved. It would help to operation of drill and tap perform easily at any desired angle accurately. So this project stands in line to produce fully automated portable multi-operation machines in the upcoming years. This pneumatic multi-operation machine is to be presented for increasing their productivity as well as quality of job. It also gives the detailed description of machine mechanism and their different main parts of machine. In this report we have defined different process parameters like spindle speed (rpm), cutting feed rate, cutting force, torque and power for their efficient working of operation.


Branch: Civil 

Guided By: Prof. Priyank Shah

(M) +91 9825981410

Prepared by:

Prasen Gandhi     (120750106051)

Hariyali Patel      (120750106030)

Khushboo Mehta (120750106014)

Bhumika Patel     (120750106001

Now a days for the purpose of better transportation, good quality and higher ultimate strength of pavement is required. For the flexible pavement, optimum jute fibre content of 3%, 5%or 7%with different length of 12 and 18 mm will be analysed by various laboratorial test. The required replacement material is easily available, environmental friendly, economical and easy to use. In any type of pavements a weak subgrade results in greater thickness layer, so that the stress on the subgrade is inconstant with their load carrying capacity. To obtain the required strength and increase the life span of the pavement marshal stability and mix design will be adopted. 5


Flexible pavement depends upon the strength of its bitumen binder. Addition of jute fibre in flexible pavement improves different values such as penetration, ductility and stability values. After adding jute fibres in proportion of 3%, 5% and 7%, we noticed the penetration value improves by 30% to 40% as per recommended value of IRC: 80/100 which results in increased strength.  Ductility value improved significantly by 30% to 50%. This indicates the durability and the strength that it could provide during excessive loads on pavement results in better performance and life of pavement. Also the stability and flow values were obtained which indicate the actual vertical deformation when maximum load is reached. As bituminous pavement is subjected to severe traffic loads from time to time, it is necessary to adopt bituminous material with good stability and flow.



Branch: Civil

Guided By: Prof. Abhijitsinh Parmar

(M) +91 940856777

Prepared by:

Janmejay K. Raval (120750106032)

Harsh H. Sohagia   (120750106053)

Jigar D. Dixit          (120750106061)


High strength Steel-fiber reinforced concrete is being used increasing day by day as a structural material. Use of steel fiber in HPC is mainly for superior resistance to cracking and formation of cracks. The aim of the present work will to use different waste material as a replacement of fine aggregate in HPC using steel fiber. A series of tests will be conducted to study the effect of optimum replacement of fine aggregate by different waste material and optimum use of steel fiber.





In this study of replacement of fine aggregates with Crumb rubber, we got maximum effieicency when replacement percentage is zero and minimum workability when replacement percentage is 40. Replacement of Fine aggregates with Crumb Rubber will reduce the workability of Concrete. Increase in the percentage of replacement of aggregate will decrease the workability of high performance concrete with steel fibers. In this study ceramic waste were used as a replacement of Conventional fine aggregates. Replacement of Fine aggregates with Ceramic Waste will increase the workability of Concrete. Increase in the percentage of replacement of fine aggregate by fine ceramic waste will increase the workability of high performance concrete with steel fiber.In Case of ceramic waste, compressive strength got upto the design strength of the concrete. Compressive Strength decrees with the increases waste material in the concrete. So we can use the ceramic waste as a replacement 20 to 30 percentage of the fine aggregate in concrete.



Branch: Electronics & Communication

Guided By: Prof. Ujjval R. Dave (M)+91 992450843

Prepared by:

Darshit Purohit (130753111020)

Govind Rabari (120750111017)


Conventionally, wireless controlled robots use circuits, which have a drawback of limited working range, limited frequency range and limited control. Use of mobile phones for robotic control can overcome these limitations. It provides the advantages of robust control, working range as large as the coverage area of the service provider, no interference with other controllers and up to twelve controls. It requires one android phone which is wirelessly connected to circuit and using android application to operate various applications of system. 7



This low cost system is designed to improve the standard living in home. The remote control function by smart phone provides help and assistance especially to disabled and elderly. In order to provide safety protection to the user, a low voltage activating switches is replaced current electrical switches. Moreover, implementation of wireless Bluetooth connection in control board allows the system install in more simple way. The control board is directly installed beside the electrical switches whereby the switching connection is controlled by relay.



Branch: Electronics & Communication 

Guided By: Prof. Amit G. Patel

(M)+91 8128650098

Prepared by:

Raval Komal (130753111021)

Gajjar Mital (130753111006)

Prajapati Komal(130753111017)


Accelerometer technology is developed now days but we focused on bridging the crevice between the two different worlds i.e. Physical to Digital world using hand. Now a troubleshooting of the handicap person to move anywhere so we would be developed hand controlled wheelchair. We will develop one device which mainly work by hand gesture and which device mounts on hand. When move our hand front side then wheelchair will go to forward, similarly we move to our hand any direction then wheelchair follow that direction. We implement computer mouse movement, right click, and left click through hand by using accelerometer which gets processed in MATLAB. 8



The aim of this project is to work with accelerometers and translate the motion of the hand into various applications in a virtual interface. It is most intuitive for us to use things based on our hand motions, as they form a very basic form of communication, signaling and gesturing. The most commonly used hand motion control in a computer interface is that of a mouse. We have translated very normal gesturing of the hand into the motion of the pointer of the mouse..



Branch: Computer

Guided By: Prof. Ankit Shah

(M)+91 9824584855

Prepared by:

Arthrajsinh Solanki (120750107021)

Jashrajsinh Rathod (120750107047)

Margee Engineer (120750116061)

Rujit Raval  (130753116012)


This work presents a study performed towards the development of an Windows based application called “Basic Human Artificial Intelligence”, which is a software going to be designed such a way that it will provide various features like home automation, scheduling, smart answers etc.. It will be a system with high security, rich GUI which will be controlled by hand gesture, providing highly sensible speech recognition with Kinect inbuilt mic, Smart alarm, Smart answering, Gesture recognition with Kinect inbuilt camera, Home Automation functionality by Arduino etc. Ultimately application is going to be designed in such a way that it will become user’s ‘Virtual Friend’. 9




The system ‘Basic Human Artificial Intelligence’ will provide the best way through which user can operate household appliances with comfort. It will be helpful in day to day activities as it is a smart assistance system.The system complements the lifestyles of those of us who appreciate the latest technology in their homes, and assists many of those who require technology to live independently: operating lights, controlling fan, setting alarms, smart scheduling events & meetings, even gets response while sleeping.

As technology is increasing at its most, more and more features are in demand, to satisfy its voice enabled music player will help user to delight their mood.



Branch: Information Technology

Guided By: Prof. Sanjay Patel

(M) +91 9601101274

Prepared by:

Devraj Dhruvang (130753116001)

The Advanced Traffic Management System is based on Digital Image Processing and Dynamic Route Navigator using Google maps. This system is mainly used for Managing Road Traffic, Finding Best Route for user, Collecting and forecasting Traffic data. Advanced Traffic Management System that enables admin to view and monitor live traffic in the city and also allow admin to control traffic in the city. And other side android applications that give facility to find shortest route that have minimum traffic. At the toll plaza the RFID read the user information and deduct the toll amount form user account. No Human interaction is needed and its time saving process. The android application will be useful to anyone who wants to make journey happy it using internet. Generates the Reports related to the system. 10



From a proper analysis  of  positive  points  and  constraints  on  the  component,  it  can be  safely concluded that the product is a highly efficient GUI based component.

This component can be easily plugged in many other systems. Also the component is user friendly. Generally customer is suffering from finding product in local area.

This all information has to be managed manually. So, there is a need to develop a system that can solve the mentioned problem. This software explores with just that solution.