Dr. Jaimin Vasa, Sr. Vice President, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), HR Managers Meet Centralized Recruitment Platform at GTU : Challenges and Opportunities, 9th June, 2018

  • Academic interest in the PhD journey predominately concerns the technical aspects of the doctorate. It tends to concentrate on a number of pragmatic areas, such as, deciding on and narrowing down the topic area; choosing a supervisor; the pitfalls associated with supervision; alternative methodological approaches to research; and writing up the thesis. “GTU was my first choice when I first decided to advance my Ph.D. research.
  • Generally, it is known as the right place to seek the highest level of academic challenges and an open-minded spirit for intellectual exchanges. I got lot of support from Ex-VC Dr. Akshai Agarwal and professors are supportive. I’ve received a lot of help from non-faculty staffs also. I can proudly say, GTU is my second home.