Report of Startup Clinic cum Screening of Startups

GTU has established GTU Innovation Council in 2010 and now GTU is a recognized Nodal Institute (NI) by Govt of Gujarat for Supporting Startups of various fields. GTU is a recognized as Nodal Institute vid Letter No. IC/Salt-Tex/Startup/147/1115444, Date 01/10/2015.  GTU NI receives application from Startups to get benefits under Startup Policy and we identify the Capable Startups through Screening Viva-voce regularly.

GTU Nodal Inst. as Incubator receives application from Startups for getting support as mentioned in Startup Policy.  After receiving Startups Application, GTU NI has organized Startup Clinic cum Screening on 29th April 2017 at GTU Innovation Council, Block 6, L D Engg. Boys Hostel Campus.

 Startup Clinic Schedule

10:00 AM        Inauguration

10:15 AM        What should Startup Pitch??

11:15 AM        Business Model Canvas (BMC)

1:10 PM          Lunch Break

2:00 PM          Startups Idea Pitch (For 18 Startups)


For this event, GTU NI have invited domain experts to review the Startups Idea to proceed further to get success.

Expert Session on Pitch and BMC

Expert has explained the What should Startup pitch in front of Investors or any committee? And Startups have learnt a lot from the Session. After presentation on Pitching, Business Model Canvas learning has been started, in which each startup having blank BMC and asked to prepare BMC for “Chai Tappary” near L D Engg College. Each and every components of BMC has been explained with reasons and benefits to Startups.

Founder of different 18 Startups with their team members learning Pitching

Founder of various Startups preparing BMC

(Business Model Canvas)

During BMC preparation, experts have discussed with each startups for what they have written and why? So, overall it was interactive session completed for this Startup Clinic

Startups Pitching in front of Committee Members

Each startup has been call for personal presentation and discussion about their idea. Committee members have carefully examined each idea along with their Budget/Cost sheet and given feedback to each startups. Startups were delighted to present the idea. Out of 18 Startup Pitch, 14 Startups were shortlisted for next Screening.

Regards From GTU NI Team

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