GTU puts emphasis on interactive techniques to keep classroom active

Total 116 fresh teachers participated in Induction Training programme

Ahmedabad: Center for Technology Education, Public Policy and Universities of the 21st Century of Gujarat Technological University organized 6th Induction training Programme for fresh engineering teachers is held at GTU. Total 116 teachers have participated in this unique programme organized under the Induction Training Programme (ITP) series which is a unique initiative of GTU.

Under the guidance of honourable vice chancellor of GTU Prof.(Dr.) Navin Sheth, Associate Dean Dr. Dilip Ahir gave the training. Looking to the high quantum of engineering colleges and hence the large number of fresh teachers, GTU has identified the need of developing teaching attributes and pedagogical skills among such teachers for enhancement of day to day classroom efficiency and quality of learning. GTU has designed a customized one-day induction training programme for fresh teachers covering area as understanding human behaviour, communication skills, planning and preparing for an effective lecture, interactive and interesting presentation methods as well as use of ICT for 24X7 support to the students by using virtual support and techniques.

The theme of this training was to prepare teachers for active, interactive and effective teaching. How to establish maximum student’s connection with teacher for active engagement of students, how to create culture of two-way interactive communication for keeping lively participation of students for achieving optimum efficiency of learning was the focus of this training programme. Apart from the communication skill, presentation skills, interactive techniques and ICT based smart classroom the experts have conducted a very special activity to train teachers.

The expert Dr.Dilip Ahir explained about varieties of interactive techniques to keep classroom active. How to prepare plan for each lecture was explained with a prototype planning. 24X7 support and touch of teacher with students is must in this edge of ICT technology and it is not difficult even. By preparing video lectures, class notes, PPTs, handouts, assignment, question bank, on line question papers, animated films students can be supported and motivated for self-learning. “The role of teacher is not just to teach students but to orient them for self-learning” said by Dr. Ahir. Out of four major sessions three were conducted by key resource person and designer of this programme Dr. Dilip Ahir, Associate Dean-GTU Zone-4 and remaining one session on communication skill was presented by Ms. Arti Rathod, costume design teacher by profession and former AIR announcer. The logistic support is extended by coordinators Ms. Krutika Raval, Asst. Professor and Ms. Hema Rajput, Research Asst., GTU, Ahmedabad. The participants have described this event as very much useful for teachers and said that it should be compulsory for all fresh teachers.

The participants were given blank paper and asked to draw an elephant within given time anonymously without explaining purpose of exercise. All papers were collected and then expert has highlighted some of them with his interesting expert comments about the drawings. The observations were really interesting. Someone has drawn small elephant in one corner of A4 size paper. Expert has commented that it shows the conservativeness, the teacher should use the resources at the fullest being thoughtful and open minded. Someone else has drawn elephant as if it is standing where someone has sketched as in motion and sprinkling water from it’s trunk. Expert commented that it shows that the person believes in being active and expecting activities from others too. One of the participants sketched elephant with full of graceful expressions with decorations on trunk and rider’s seat. It reflects that the person is believing in value addition in any of his or her work. Someone sketched picture looking like elephant and given nomenclature indicating that it is elephant. Expert commented that it is good practice for a teacher, to use nomenclature to any picture he or she is drawing on black board to enhance understanding. One very interesting sketch was of an elephant moving away. Only back view of an elephant was visible. Experts said it is good to create curiosity among students to know what exactly the picture is? after careful focus one can come to conclusion that it is back view of elephant.  The way you say, write or sketch unknowingly reflects how organized you are? how perfect you are? how focused you are, how much patience you have and how much quality loving person you are as a teacher? This activity was full of fun with learning very basic and important values of life like perfection, patience, punctuality, qualitative approach etc.


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