G​TU colleges to organise Mock Drills to create awareness for Disaster Management

Ahmedabad: Two week training program is proposed by Applied Mechanics Department, L D College of Engineering to strengthen the concepts of Disaster Management. This short term training program on“Disaster Management” is going on which is approved by CTE & ISTE & partly sponsored by Gujarat Technological University (GTU) in association with Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management during the period 19/12/2016 to 30/12/2016. This type of program provides a platform to faculty members to understand this subject through interaction with experts and eminent personalities of the field.This program will also provide a platform to academicians and students to interact & discuss various issues related with disaster management. Main objective of the STTP is also prepare Disaster Management Plan of L D College of Engineering. Faculty members who are attending STTP will prepare DM plan at their institute. In Gujarat, DM plan of Engineering college will be prepared. Advanced country like Japan, USA , they are conducting mock drills at regular interval to fight against disaster. Such Mock drill will also be conducted to create awareness. 
The state of Gujarat has been prone to disasters. Over the years, these disasters have caused extensive damage to life and property and have adversely impacted economic development. The GTU recognizes the need to have a proactive, comprehensive, and sustained approach to disaster management to reduce the detrimental effects of disasters on overall socio-economic development of the state. GTU understands that disaster management is a long-term process that involves the creation of disaster management and mitigation capacity in the state, in addition to developing systems and processes designed to provide relief and rehabilitation. Hence GTU has introduced Disaster Management as an elective subject in the curriculum of all UG courses of engineering. As this subject is introduced for the first time, there exist a need to train the faculty members effectively in this area. If effective training is given to faculty members, then students will be benefited. It results in the capacity building in the area of Disaster Management. 
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