Japan-like well-coordinated efforts must for tackling disasters in India

Professors & students learns the lessons of Disaster Management

Ahmedabad: “Cyclone Vardha battered the coastal states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu recently. The tropical cyclone made landfall on Dec 12 near Chennai with wind speeds topping 130 kmph. In such a situation of natural disasters in India, we need well-coordinated efforts like Japan is doing.” This was stated by Dr. Rajul Gajjar, Officiating Vice Chancellor of GTU. She was speaking in two Week Inter-Disciplinary Short Term Training Programme on ‘Disaster Management’ (19th – 30th December 2016) started from today at Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management. The programme is being organised Under the aegis of Office of Commissioner of Technical Education, Gandhinagar. The training has been organised by Applied Mechanics Department of L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad & Co-Sponsored by Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

Dr. Gajjar said in the inaugural session that, “Over the years, disasters have caused extensive damage to life and property and have adversely impacted economic development. There exists a need to have a proactive, comprehensive, and sustained approach to disaster management to reduce the detrimental effects of disasters on overall socio-economic development of the nation. Because of initiatives taken by government, we could prevent major casualties during natural disasters. Yet we have to co-ordinate Electronics and Communications as well as IT for better results.” She put emphasis on research on Disaster Management through latest technology. Total 40 faculty members are participating in the training, while 40 students from NSS and NCC will join later.

The state of Gujarat has been prone to disasters. Disaster management is a long-term process that involves the creation of disaster management and mitigation capacity in the state, in addition to developing systems and processes designed to provide relief and rehabilitation. GTU has introduced Disaster Management as an elective subject in the curriculum of all UG courses of engineering. Therefore, there exists a need to train the faculty members effectively in this area for the benefit of the students. This program will improve capacity building process in the area of Disaster Management.


  • Basic aspects of Disaster Management
  • Global Disaster Trends & Disaster Profile of India, Mega Disasters of India and Lessons Learnt
  • Disaster Management Cycle and Framework
  • Pre-Disaster & Post-disaster Awareness & Preparedness
  • Disaster Management in India
  • Disaster Safe Designs and Constructions
  • Applications of Science and Technology for Disaster Management & Mitigation




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