Industrialist travels all over India on bike to train engg. students on Product Design


‘A journey to realize self’ reaches Vishwakarma Govt. Engg. College

Ahmedabad: Centre for Industrial Design (Open Design School) of Gujarat Technological University (GTU) organised a talk of Mr. Shrinivas Chamarthy at Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (VGEC) on ‘Innovation and Product Development – Make in India’. Mr. Chamarthy is an entrepreneur from Hyderabad who took up the mission to train students of 600 engineering colleges about product design. He has opted to travel all over India on bike to fulfil the mission of which he named – ‘A journey to realize self’ to achieve dream of Make in India without any kind of financial support from government or other organizations.

VGEC students got motivation from expert on various aspects of product design and development focusing mainly on Innovation. The session was mainly delivered to learn the aspects like Need for Innovation, Conceptualization, Production and Testing, Opportunities and Market Focus, Economic Growth through Continuous Innovation and Focus on Innovative Entrepreneurship and Start -ups. He discussed on How to build successful Technological Start-up, the ways of surviving start-up and motivation required. Around 130 Engineering students from departments of E & C, Mechanical and Electrical participated in the event. Dr. Rajul Gajjar, I/c Vice Chancellor of GTU appreciated the mission and welcomed Mr. Shrinivas to train more students of GTU affiliated colleges in the state.

On side-line of the lecture, Mr. Chamarthy told that: “I am running a small scale industry. I started working at the age of 17. I started my company when I was 27 years old, when there was no concept of start-up India. I have developed couple of products useful in defence, medical and social field. The concept to develop indigenous product was bugging in my mind since childhood. The thought process inculcated in my mind since the age of 17, I wish that if I can inculcate similar thought process in other younger minds especially in students of 3rd year or 4th year of college, what I wanted to do will be available in large numbers. After Government of India announced Make in India programme, I was very happy. I made up my mind to do whatever the best I can. At least if I am able to transform around 400 engineers to become fantastic entrepreneurs, my mission – A journey to realize self will be successful.”

“There are 4600 engineering colleges in India. The manpower per year in these colleges are more than 25 lakhs. So in 4 years total manpower can be 1 crore. If such a huge platform can be motivated to use it efficiently to develop product, then small ideas can become very big industries later. Growing India is a collective job. Youth should be given the information of what is market trends, what is needed to be done for the society, for the country and how it has to be done. I wish to provide the knowledge I got from my experience. For this purpose, I have to travel a lot and it require lots of money. I thought if I travel by bike, it will be cheaper and I can be reach every corner of the country. I will be able to stay wherever I want.”

“After lots of planning, I started my journey from Chennai in July – 2015. I have travelled 51,000 KM in India. I have covered 18 states. In next 6 years, I will encircle India at least 7 times to complete this activity. I will build think tanks in 700 colleges and I will make them technologically sound. I added 1440 people team in my mission. I feel after the journey that India has a long way to go. Our culture is fantastic. There is lots of beauty in the country. If the beauty of culture, diversity and visionary mindset of the country would be organised in defined manner, India will become the best country to live.


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