Lots of Risks associated with e-commerce, urgent need to create policy framework

Experts suggests options to govern e-commerce at an international conference in GTU

Ahmedabad: “There is Risk associated with the practice of e-commerce to consumers, children and families. There is Risk related to misleading advertisement, wrong marketing, unclear tax laws, unregulated messages and lack of responsibility on beneficiary. There is also risk of competition, small businesses & new players as well as rogue businesses, international companies. No concrete rules and regulations have been framed so far to govern entire e-commerce practices. To control unfair and risky e-commerce practices, there is urgent need to create policy framework. There should be regulations framework related to product e-commerce and services e-commerce.”

This was stated by an expert Mr. Hiten Bhuta, who presented insightful ideas as a part of his responsibility as FICCI’s National IT Committee Member towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Digital India Mission. As a distinguished Engineer from University of Mumbai and alumni of IIM-Ahmedabad, Hiten Bhuta has rich academic qualification and over 25 years of actual industry experience as the CEO of Global Technology company to contribute towards new policy ideas for Governance in E-Commerce.  Mr. Bhuta’s keynote session on Governance in E-Commerce was held at Gujarat Technology University (GTU), also dwell upon international practices for Governance in E-Commerce. He said that all Government regulations are designed for brick-n-mortar regular businesses. E-Commerce business has created new challenges and opportunities. Today the rules for regular taxis and auto rickshaws are quite stringent, whereas the rules for Uber are different.

Dr. Rajul Gajjar, I/c Vice Chancellor of GTU said that secured cyber space is need of the hour. We have to think long term impact of increasing volume of e-commerce. Who is going to be Big Boss to control the practice of e-commerce is the most important question right now. There should be ethics and values besides responsibilities in e-commerce. 4G of Reliance is going to make big impact on e-commerce. Now-a-days children and teens are using Flipkart or Amazon for online purchase. There should be proper regulatory mechanism so that if anybody sells improper goods, controlling authority can take action.

Mr. Harjeet Singh Khanduja, VP at Reliance Jio expressed concern about logistics arrangements. He opined that logistics business is not developed to the tune of increase in e-commerce business. Dr. Bharat Dalal, Hon. director of CGS, Dr. Ashwini Awasthi, professor of Nirma University, Vatsal Shah also presented their point of view. Dr. Pankajray Patel, Director of GTU presented vote of thanks.


Hiten Bhuta




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