STP on 3D Printer Technology

Gujarat Technological University is continuously engaged in research and development activities with a cause for the upliftment of the society as a whole. As a part of this activity GTU’s Community innovation Co creation Centre (C-i-C3) organized Student Training Program (STP) on 3D Printer Technology on 30th July-2016 at C-i-C3 Lab, Navrangpura campus. As 3D printing has become more pervasive, an “on demand” manufacturing technology, the majority of individuals today looking to use 3D printer do not have the background needed to design, perform, and operate this advanced technology. By understanding why training is important and what type of training individuals need, we can safely move this innovative technology in the right direction as it is applied across different industries and applications.

3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM) is an emerging technology which is expected to replace the traditional fabrication methods and manufacturing processes that involve excessive effort, expense, and time. Through 3D printers one can make a solid physical object without any need of moulds, tools or machines.

Instead of creating a sample in a factory, a self-contained printer can make objects from three-dimensional drawings designed on a computer. With this technology, successive layers of material are deposited under computer control to form an object. 3D printing technology is expanding in several directions and in the future the majority of fields will have a high scope of 3D printing applications.

The Program will focus on below topic:

1) Basic of 3D printer

2) How 3D printer works

3) Printing Technology supported by 3D printer

4) Selection of Material

5) Application of 3D printer

6) Hands-on training on Open source CAD tool

7) Hands-on Experience on Makerbot Z18 3D printer

8) Printing of 3D model created by student


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