GTU received 147 students from 11 countries in international program

Ahmedabad: GTU’s International Students Cell this year till today received total 147 Students from 11 countries arrived in GTU and allotted to GTU affiliated Institutes for BE, B Pharm, ME, Mpharm and MBA. Some more students are expected to arrive next week. In last three years (2013 to 2015) the GTU Cell enrolled total 321 International students in Gujarat Technological University. From different parts of the world, GTU provided admission to students from 33 different countries in its different courses in colleges all across Gujarat. These all are the sponsored students by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, through different scholarship schemes.

Grand Total 147


‘The Buddy and the Host Family’ Project:

After the establishment of the GTU International Students Cell (ISC), it has been decided to undertake the New Project of The Buddy and The Host Family’ to activate the smooth and comfortable Academic activities as well as social founding of all International Students (IS) within the Indian Holly Culture. The Buddy and the Host Family Project is all about to extend best of the facilities mystically and culturally through our rites & rituals, to the International Students and continue the tradition of “Atithi Devo Bhavah: “. In this Project one Local Studious Student, within the same Institute, is assigned as The Buddy (Close friend) for each International Student of GTU. This Buddy will support him/her as & when required to excel academically, culturally and socially. Beyond the Buddy, one local Family is identified and allotted as The Host Family, for each International Student of GTU, who will take care of him / her just like their family member.

In order to make sure their complete establishment, academically as well as domestic setup take place smoothly and efficiently, the institute mentors identify and allocate the Buddy and the Host Family in advance during their initial joining duration at their respective institute.

GTU’s IS participating in Sports & Co-curricular Activities:

Beyond the special project called the Buddy and the host family, by involving in various sports and cultural curricular activities as a part of their academic and co-curricular program, GTU’s International Students have proved themselves as the established and acquainted full time students of this Indian International University. The International Students participated and contributed in different sports, debate competition, presentation, conferences, youth festivals, blood donation camps, etc. at their institute level as well as the state levels too.

International Students at Tarnetar Mela with Honb’le Chief Minister of Gujarat Smt Anandiben Patel

International Students’ Feedbacks

  • It’s a great pleasure to be a part of the impressive, outstanding and splendid education system of India as a foreign student! Taking this opportunity, I want to address my gratitude to all Indian Academicians who are generously contributing day and night without a moment hesitation and put remarkable efforts for the betterment of our future and play a vital role in our lives, not only in GTU but as well as in all colleges! I hope to succeed and obtain my degree successfully as per my unique objective of my life.
  • Mohammad Azim Shahir (MBA, Batch 2015-16)
  • The memorable incident here in Gujarat is the first day in University. At the very beginning GTU has welcomed us cordially that was very remarkable. The way GTU had treated us that were beyond description.
  • Dibakar karmokar (BE in Mechanical Engineering, Batch 2013-14)
  • On behalf of all Gujarat Scholars from Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and all the girl students, this is Lisa Kakar scholar of MBA in GTU through ICCR .It is my pleasure for having the great opportunity to share my outstanding experiences for being in India. We started our journey as students 2 years ago and we had never ever thought that this journey will become so memorable for us, though we have experienced lots ups & downs as getting used to new culture, environment, new people, new language etc., but never meant to feel tired, despite the fact, it really motivated and inside we felt very energetic and learned that how to struggle with difficulties and enjoy from every moment as being student. Moreover, we haven’t only learned the subject which have been taught in college, but we gained lot of skills and experiences as being engaged with diversity of honourable people around. In addition, it is very pleasing to return to my country with good qualification and deliver our knowledge in action for developing our country in different aspects.
  • Lisa kakar (MBA, Batch 2013-14)
  • I have participated in all events invited by GTU/ICCR/LMCP such as Vibrant Gujarat, Return of Mahatma Gandhi Day, seminars, workshops, kite festival. Giving an opportunity to meet high level authorities in Vibrant Gujarat and Mahatma Gandhi Day (Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, his cabinet, and all Indian chief ministers) really appreciated and memorable. There is cultural similarity between the people in my country and India. My native language is Persian, so I could easily understand Gujarati and Hindi. Lots of cultural similarity I found in weddings, daily life, clothing and religious ceremonies. The nature of the Indians: My classmates, college friends and the people I was meeting in city was friendly, warm and always in interactive manner.
  • Mohammad Bashir Ahmadi (Masters in Pharmacy, Batch 2013-14)
  • I would like to share this thing as well that all of Gujarat people especially the society which we live are so cooperative.
  • Qais Samadi (BE in Civil Engineering, Batch 2015-16)


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