50 Patents likely to be filed by GTU Summer Patent Clinic

Ahmedabad: To support innovators and start-up entrepreneurs for filing patent, Gujarat Technological University (GTU) is providing training to students as well as faculty members in Patent Clinic. This year to offer maximum benefit to needy persons, GTU has completed four session of Summer Patent Clinic programmes, one in each week of the June month. Nearly 250 students and faculty from various colleges located in different parts of the Gujarat state have participated in these four sessions of Summer Patent Clinic programme. GTU is expecting to file at least 50 patents out of these Patent Clinic programme.

Patent Clinic is a unique initiative started by Gujarat Technological University, to support innovators for securing their innovative and novel research and project work by means of Patent protection. GTU organises such programmes regularly. GTU has set up an academic practice to have a project work in the final year of students study in all technical branches said to be engineering, pharmacy, MBA, MCA and also including of Diploma. With completion of summer exam season the academic year has been ended. Hence with the end of this academic year, large number of projects have also been finished.

Students have carried out research under their project work, and many student teams have worked upon really innovative projects under the observation and supervision of their project guides. From many of such projects, some has shown significant amount of innovation and are addressing the potential problems of society and industry. Such innovative projects are based on real technological advancement and has potential to get patent awarded for their novelty and advancement part.

Via successful completion of all these four sessions of summer patent clinic programme, till today GTU has finished 25 sessions of such Patent Clinic programmes, and offered immense support to needy persons without charging any fees. Such kind of support structure is not available in any other university in India, which is very much essential for coming days to build up innovation eco system amongst the academic institution.




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