Highest tower of GIFT city will be of 350 mt height

62 Million Sq. Ft. vertical construction to take place, will be decorated by glass

Ahmedabad: The highest tower of GIFT city will be of 350-meter height and it will be decorated by glass. There will be 62 Million Sq. Ft. vertical construction to take place in 880 acres. Most of the construction in the GIFT City will be decorated by glass. We are working hard towards implementing the vision with action to create the Smart City. GIFT City will become the first Greenfield City of India. This was announced by Mr. V.K. Singh, Senior Vice President of GIFT City in Faculty Development Programme (FDP) of Glass Processing and Technology at Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

According to sources Gift city will have total 110 Buildings, 2 Schools, 150 Bed Hospital & Hotels (5000 rooms). There will be Social Infrastructure like International Exhibition Complex, Educational Institutes, International and Domestic schools, State of the Art Hospital, Training School, 5 star Hotels and Business Club. Smart Infra- structure will Uninterrupted and highly reliable power supply, Next generation water & waste management, district cooling. It will have Integrated Residential Development means Well-planned residential housing projects & Smart Business Environment with Benchmark office, high-rise district with land- mark buildings.

There will be many firsts of India in Gift City worth visiting. District Cooling System in Gift city with the capacity of Total Cooling Load – 2,40,000 TR. It will have Efficiency through economies of scale, reduces energy costs, reduces maintenance costs, improves air quality and temperature control, Reduces noise and vibration. Conventional AC System will not be required. There will be Automatic Collection, Transportation and Segregation System of garbage. There will be no waste visibility, Monitoring E-Waste; Bio-medical, Hazardous Waste handling system, Monitoring Central Waste Handling Facility, Monitoring Residual Waste handling, rejects, Safety Management & Emergency response System also in the Gift City. There will be Utility Tunnel too. Thus Gift city is being developed as First Global Financial Hub in the Country for domestic and international financial services.

GTU has joined hands with the Glass Academy to impart glass processing and technology training to engineering students of the university. The university focuses on developing manpower in emerging sectors such as glass façade, fenestration and glass processing industry. The training is being be provided to diploma or degree students of Civil & Mechanical Engineering programmes at GTU Gandhinagar campus, Dr. Rajul Gajjar, I/c Vice Chancellor of GTU said.

At present there are 200 factories of glass processing in India. Out of them 24 factories are in Gujarat. In current scenario if we see today in all the types of buildings there is maximum use of Glass whether it is office, hotels airports etc. It is giving good opportunity to GTU students for employment. With the advent of green technology, green building concept has become very popular. Green building must minimize the demand of non-renewable resources and maximize the reuse, recycling and utilization of renewable resources. In India today most of the buildings extensively use Glazing in form of Facade Glazing or in the form of large windows. The installation and Glass processing have emerged as one of the important areas of employment in Gujarat. Gujarat is facing acute shortage of Skill required for glass façade fabrication and installation Technology. In order to develop need based skilled manpower in the emerging sector (glass façade, fenestration and glass processing industry), the Glass Academy joined hands with Gujarat Technological University to impart glass façade & processing skills and such other skills, Mr. Balaji, Head of Glass Academy said

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